The Value of a Qualified and Experienced Lawyer Cannot Be Overstated.  

From time individuals first began to advocate for other individuals, and to speak truth to power, the value of a qualified and experienced advocate was clearly apparent.

In the today's courtroom, presenting a case is no longer just about giving speeches.  The modern trial attorney must present a client's case to a judge or jury using all of the tools of the modern technical age.  A trial attorney must be able to take the complex ideas and facts of a client's case, distill the truth of a client's case to an effective narrative, and fit that narrative into the law that applies to the case.  A trial attorney must also be capable of fending off the attempts by the other side to pick apart the truth of that narrative. 

An effective trial attorney must combine the traditional skills of advocacy, with the technical skills of today's visual age.   I combine my hard-earned training and experience with all the technological and visual aids that can be used in and out of a modern courtroom, including computerized projection and case management software.

My goal is to bring all of the skills and technology together to make sure each client is best positioned to bring their case forward, and achieve the greatest measure of success possible.

Often that success comes through a settlement.  At times it may require a trial, or an appeal.  In either case, I will always do my best to employ my skills to the maximum advantage of my clients.