When you make a significant purchase, such as a house or a car, you trust that you are investing in something you will be able to enjoy for years to come. If this product is found to be defective, it violates that trust. To help you recover compensation for your injuries, you need the assistance of an experienced consumer protection attorney.

In order to combat consumer fraud, the New Jersey government enacted the Consumer Fraud Act (CFA).  These laws provide substantial protections for consumers, as well as remedies for consumers who have been the victims of acts of fraud.  Under this law, there are three types of unlawful practices that can occur under the CFA.  These unlawful practices can be:

Affirmative acts - such as acts of fraud or deception.

Knowing omissions - such as the misrepresentation or omitting crucial facts.

Regulatory violations

When you believe you have a claim involving consumer fraud, you need an experienced attorney to press the claim and obtain the best result for you in the shortest time possible. 

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