Many entrepreneurs find success by opening new businesses as franchisees.   The nature of a franchise requires a large investment in time and money on the part of the franchisee, and when things are good the relationship is mutually profitable.  However, it is the franchisee who takes all of the risk, and consequently any difficulties in the franchise relationship usually result in financial problems for the franchisee.  

Disagreements between franchisees and franchisors about the rights and obligations of each party happen frequently.  Most franchise agreements are stacked in favor of the franchisor, which the franchisee often fails to recognize until difficulties have beset the franchise relationship.  When this occurs, it can be financially devastating for  the franchisee.

New Jersey has some of the strongest laws in favor of the franchisee, which cannot be waived even if the franchisor demands it or the franchise contract requires it.  An attorney who understands franchise law can be invaluable in resolving these disputes. 

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