The Litigation Counsel of America. A close-knit,  peer-selected, and aggressively diverse honorary society of 3,500 of the  best trial lawyers you will find anywhere.  Less than one-half of one  percent of American lawyers, vigorously vetted for skills, expertise,  and service; an invitation-only collegial network of lawyers who  effectively represent clients across North America and around the world.  

Fellows are selected and invited into Fellowship after being evaluated  for effectiveness and accomplishment in litigation and trial work, along  with ethical reputation. The number of full Fellowships has been kept  at an exclusive limit by design, allowing qualifications, diversity and  inclusion to align effectively. Fellows are generally at the partner or  shareholder level or are independent practitioners with twelve or more  years experience.

With ever-diminishing percentages of cases actually reaching trial,  American litigation practice has been redefined. Too often truly  effective counsel are overlooked for acknowledgement of expertise and  superiority because courtroom experience is now at a premium. While  trial experience is an important factor in LCA selection, it is also a  fact that great litigators sometimes win before trial.

The LCA’s selection process is a combination of Fellow input, internal  research, nominations by Fellows, attorney opinions, evaluation of  client selection of counsel, limited input from active and retired  judges, and reviews of acknowledgement and recognition by other peer  reviewing sources and associations. The diversity sought by the LCA  relates to all demographics within law, including race, sex, age and  national origin, which it believes will enrich the profession, as well  as the scholarly exchange of ideas among its membership. The criteria  used for selection is not based purely on the number of cases tried, or  the notoriety usually associated with frequent court appearances, but  also effectiveness in the area of a particular lawyer’s expertise. In  using this approach, the LCA has developed its membership with a breadth  of experience in litigation that makes its Fellows one of the most well  rounded practice groups among any legal professional society and  provides recognition and opportunities to those deserving the  designation “Fellow, Litigation Counsel of America."

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Litigation Counsel of America
Litigation Counsel of America