Litigation and Appeals


Litigation is the act of bringing a case to court to settle a dispute.  Parties in a case involved are called litigants.  Each party assembles its arguments supported by the facts.  Litigants, referred to plaintiff and defendant, utilize the discovery process and other court procedures to build their  case before trying it in front of a judge or jury.

Business Law


Starting and running a small business requires a very broad skill set  and nerves of steel. It's not for everyone, and even successful  entrepreneurs encounter failure from time to time. In order to help you  stay ahead of the curve, FindLaw's Small Business Law section covers  everything from obtaining financing and hiring employees, to choosing  the right insurance policies and filing taxes. Those who operate small  businesses typically wear many different hats, but also must know when  and how to seek help from others.

Employment Law


Whether you are entering the job market for the first time or were  recently terminated, it is important to understand your rights as a  worker. This section  provides in-depth resources on all phases of the employment process -- from the interview and hiring stage to promotion and termination. 

Civil Rights


The United States was founded on the idea that all people can come to a  new land and be free to live, work, and pursue happiness in the way they  see fit. The authors of the Constitution therefore created the Bill of  Rights, which, along with the amendments that followed, give us civil  liberties which form the basis of our civil rights law as it exists  today.

Consumer Protection


Consumer protection is an umbrella term covering a group of laws and  organizations that protect the rights of consumers and foster the free  flow of accurate information in the marketplace. Consumer protection  laws are designed to prevent businesses from engaging in fraud or unfair  practices, to protect individuals from scam artists, and identity  thieves and crooks.

Accidents and Injuries


The tendency to get into accidents and suffer injuries is as old as civilization itself, as is the fact that sometimes the actions (or  inactions) of others are to blame. While no one can go back and undo an  injury, personal injury law provides a way for the injured to be "made  whole" again.   Lawsuits for injuries often are settled out of court, before the court  reaches a verdict.

Representation Agreement Required

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